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congratulations to all of you!

We know it was 4 days of hard work. You all put in the hours, and your theme plans came a long way in those few days. We had such a good time working with all of you, and we know your 2024 books will capture the stories of your student body. NOW it's up to you...


outstanding theme packet award: NOW is WHEN you're ready to go

Summit, Smoky Hill High School: "In 50 Years, We've Seen It All."

Lion's Roar, Christ Presbyterian Academy: "Here, every story has its place."

Dreamscape, Orange County School of Arts: "See it like we do."

Templar, Temple City High School: "We'll tell you like it is."

excellent theme progress award: WHEN you're open to change

The Pilot, Redondo Union High School: "It's all about the now."

Aerie, Los Altos High School: "It's still us."

outstanding opening copy award: WHEN you have the words

Ragnarök, Valhalla High School: "It went like..."

Excalibur, Bishop Montgomery High School: "Our place, our time, our story."

staff progress award: NOW is WHEN your hard work pays off

Russellog, C.M. Russell High School: "It's all about the hustle."

Tesserae, Corning-Painted Post High School: "& we're just getting started."

InLook, Westridge School: "Haven't you heard"

Veritas, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy: "It's all here in red, black & white."

unique concept award: WHEN you get creative

The Olympiad, Clovis West High School: "We are West."

outstanding design award: NOW you see it

The Galleon, Newport Harbor High School: "Only sailors know the feeling."

exceptional coverage ladder award: WHEN you work the plan

Traditions, Del Norte High School: "Ever so slightly."


WHEN it's the big picture

Caymin Tran, Temple City High School

Audrey Hoang, Temple City High School

Isabelle DePhillips, El Toro High School

Layla Clemente, Milpitas High School

WHEN your book gets a photographic voice

Gio Castillo, Newport Harbor High School

Jake Kemppainen, Newport Harbor High School

Adam Suh, Orange County School of Arts

Katherine Rollins, Christ Presbyterian Academy

Peyton Thomas, CSArts-SGV

capture what's happening NOW

Addison Jean, Campbell Hall

Chloe Ballard, Campbell Hall

Lucy Niu, Del Norte High School

Avery Kim, Orange County School of Arts

Katie Choi, Sunny Hills High School

NOW you're leading the way

Leila Ianovici, Corning-Painted Post High School

Nathan McIntosh, Corning-Painted Post High School

Jailen Bates, CSArts-SGV

Abby Warnock, Northwood High School


WHEN your story has impact

Kylie Katsiametis, Trabuco Hills High School

Ella Rusch, Trabuco Hills High School

Lainey Green, Christ Presbyterian Academy

Garrett Walker, Orange County School of Arts

Aubree Morgan, Smoky Hill High School

Avery Burke, Westridge School

NOW develop your voice

Henri Chau, Walnut High School

Madeline Tao, Westridge School

WHEN your mods matter

Jaya Castaneda, Smoky Hill High School

Charlee Murray, C.M. Russell High School

Ezrela Chang, Sunny Hills High School

NOW make it your own

Graham Simons, Corning-Painted Post High School

Mary Hong, Orange County School of Arts

Ella Toner, Orange County School of Arts

Ananya Prakash, Northwood High School

Hattie Funk, Christ Presbyterian Academy

Meghan Mulligan, Christ Presbyterian Academy

WHEN the visuals come together

Mia Vey, Orange County School of Arts

Dy Nguyen, Oxford Academy

NOW you see it

Kalyn Agleham, Milpitas High School

Lauren Tan, Temple City High School

Stella Smit, Flintridge Preparatory School

Grace Suh, Sunny Hills High School

Gio Kang, Westridge School

NOW you're talking

Juliet Martinez, CSArts-SGV

Anna Timon-Hill, CSArts-SGV

Jade Chustz, CSArts-SGV


Katherine Rollins, Christ Presbyterian Academy


first place

The Element, Northwood High School

second place

Spiritus, Oxford Academy

third place

Templar, Temple City High School

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