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THEME DEVELOPMENT: At the heart of camp is the development of your 2025 theme. Presentations, coaching sessions and work parties will help you build a solid portfolio to present at the end of camp. Your key editors will spend their whole time at camp working on this, while we help the beginning and intermediate staffers understand new ways to develop your ideas into stories and coverage.

COURSE WORK: To help you build your YEARBOOK EXPERTISE, our courses will turn new skills into a completed projects to use with your staff and in your book next year. Read the descriptions below and choose the one that matches your experience level and role on your staff. 

TIPS & TRICKS: So that you can learn things on a variety of topics, our quick skill-based lessons (30 minutes each), will give you tips and tricks on every yearbook topic you can imagine from typography to using color effectively to social media marketing to new eDesign features.

ROUNDTABLES: The leaders on your staff (editors and advisers) have special needs and questions. To help support them with organizational tips, ways to handle staff issues, ideas about putting together a great spread AND meeting deadlines, we offer two different roundtables. LATTES WITH LINDSAY gathers advisers together to network and talk with Lindsay Safe, award-winning adviser at Sunny Hills High School. SPILL THE TEA WITH TRISHA brings editors into discussions with Associate Camp Director Trisha Marciano, a lifelong yerd and former EIC at Gabrielino High School.

DON'T WORRY, THERE'S FUN STUFF TOO:  It can't be all work and no play. So, there are activities LIKE GAME NIGHT AND THE BEACH TRIP, so your staff can relax and build friendships at camp.


We’ll dive right in to the yearbook lingo so you can be MORE vital to your yearbook team. You’ll collect MORE story ideas by talking to strangers and practicing interviewing skills. We’ll use inspiration to find cool design ideas, leading to mods that cover every student and give your spreads MORE variety. We’ll take a theme and learn tools to develop it and make the book that every student will want to own.
With at least one year on staff behind you, you’re ready for MORE yearbook. We’ll start with a critique of last year’s book and how to make 2025’s even better.  We’ll study storytelling and ways to get MORE student coverage on a yearbook page. We’ll look at design inspiration from the pros and turn it into a spread with impact. We’ll talk about how to incorporate MORE of your theme into your book and market it on campus as a must-have item. And we’ll get you ready to assume leadership positions on staff as the year progresses.
It’s time to do MORE. We’re going beyond shooting images, we’re capturing visual stories: more characters, more action, more photos with impact. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, we will have activities and instruction for you to get MORE from your camera. Each activity will allow us to group up by ability and will also allow you  to choose some areas of ‘focus’. From basic exposure and composition to off-camera lighting and back button focus. Tips and tricks for sports and events. We will show you how to get MORE from your gear (body, lenses, batteries, cards, flash units, etc) and to create a photo plan for your ’25 book.
You are in the driver’s seat to make this book MORE than it ever has been. Our instructors will coach your leadership team (up to 8 per staff) through the theme packet creation process: designing a cover, writing opening copy, developing the visual toolbox, and choosing the coverage plan, along with brainstorming fun interrupters and cool mods and headlines to advance your theme throughout the book. You’ll discuss ways to teach your staff MORE and bring them into all aspects of your yearbook production. You’ll also be invited to “Spill the Tea with Trisha” where you can share MORE ideas, ask questions and seek advice for your upcoming leadership role.
As advisers, our role is to help our students build MORE skills to tell the story of the school year while empowering them to make the book their own. Because coverage is the number one driver of yearbook sales, we’ll discuss coverage goals and strategies to reach them: building relationships on campus (registrar, activities/athletics office personnel, administrators) to help students access information they need, using social media effectively, conducting group interviews, breaking down student population by staffer and by deadline. We’ll discuss storytelling ideas that include MORE students and vary spread content, while providing thorough coverage to teams, groups and events. As a complement to the adviser class, our “Lattes with Lindsay” will provide MORE discussion time to share systems for staff training, managing workflow, and grading. 
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