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Theme Development

Enroll a group of your students for this course. Especially good for staffs sending only a few students to camp, an inexperienced staff or staffs with a new adviser.

Although all staffs will complete and present a Theme and Marketing Portfolio, this course walks you through the process step-by-step. Starting with the verbal concept, you will write opening copy and then develop unifying visual elements to design the book around. You will  organize and create the ladder, driven by your theme, to enhance student coverage. Finally, you’ll focus on a marketing plan to drive interest in yearbook on campus. Highly recommended for schools bringing only a few students to camp, an inexperienced staff with all newbies (or a new adviser) or staffs wanting to focus exclusively on their theme portfolio at camp and return to school with a solid foundation to build on. 

Next Level YBK: Be A Contributor

For new staffers

Don’t just be in yearbook class or just be on the staff.  As a new staffer, you can build the skills necessary to make decisions that matter and make choices that impact pages.  We will work on designing whole pages/layouts, building engaging mods and selecting and editing the right photos to help you tell the whole story on your spread. There will be hand-on instruction in the basic tools of InDesign or eDesign (depending on what your staff uses).

Design: One Step at a Time

For experienced staffers, designers, team leaders, section editors, design editors, EICs

So you want to be a designer? This class will give you all of the tools you need to wow your editors, adviser and the rest of the staff with your thoughtful and purposeful designs. We’ll take the process one step at a time, creating the elements you’ll need not only for a “ready-for-print” spread, but also building libraries of photo packages, typography and mods for your staff to use in your theme packet and your 2020 yearbook. This hands-on, workshop-style, computer-based class will help take you to the next level – one step at a time.

Tell Everyone's Story

For experienced staffers and writers

This intermediate class is geared towards writers and those interested in improving written coverage in the book. Contemporary staffs are looking for ways to tell great stories in myraid ways. We’ll look at how mods and alternative coverage add to the overall appeal of the yearbook to students. We’ll practice question writing and interviewing techniques that will improve the quality of quotes from students. We’ll focus on flexibility so that your coverage is interesting and varied.

Design: Begin at the End

For experienced staffers, designers and design editors, coverage editors, EICs

The best yearbookers are problem solvers. PROBLEMS: The design of our interrupter spreads lacks creativity. We need new ways to tell the stories that appear in our book every year. Our spreads tend to look the same. We want to find ways to get everyone on staff to help create spreads. SOLUTION: Let content drive design. Identify the story you want and need to tell, and then problem solve. You’ll leave camp with a coverage plan, an interrupter and a content spread, and a new approach to designing that embraces the principles of design but also breaks some rules.

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Branding and Packaging Intensive

For advanced design editors and editors-in-chief

​If you want to develop  your visual and verbal voice (and work hard at it), this intensive class is for you. You’ll focus on the creative vision of your book, exploring the connection and marriage of visual design elements with your verbal message. You’ll design grid packages and modules, write copy using a consistent voice and brainstorm coverage options that will develop the theme conceptually throughout your yearbook.

Photojournalism 1

For photographers with little or no yearbook experience

This course will cover the camera’s functions, rules of composition and light, and Lightroom workflow. Most important, you will learn the techniques that will allow you to photograph better images—from action photos to group shots to environmental portraits with a minimum of post-processing. 

Photojournalism 2

For experienced photographers and photo editors

​This course is for photographers with experience in composition and exposure control (ISO, aperture, shutter). Students will learn additional camera settings (i.e. metering modes, AF modes, exposure compensation), photo shoot planning and management, working with challenging light situations, and photographic storytelling. This will be a hands-on class with an emphasis on shooting images. There will be an emphasis on capturing quality images in-camera to minimize the need for post-processing. Options for workflow and photo management will be presented. 

Digital Storytelling for the Modern Yearbook

For experienced photographers, photo editors, managing editors

What’s the use of developing a beautiful theme, exciting copy, and breath-taking coverage if no one at school knows about it? In this class, you’ll create ways to extend the reach of your yearbook’s photos and stories using social media, video, augmented reality, and experiential marketing. Times change. Yearbooks do too. Learn how to powerfully brand your organization, set up a successful marketing/media plan, and share your yearbook journey with the school all year long.  

EICs: Lead by Example

For editors-in-chief and managing editors

Editors are teachers, coaches, motivators, problem solvers. In this class EICs will create strategies for coaching their staffers through a successful year. Since the best editors in chief lead by example, we will also work on developing your skills as designers and how to establish the visual voice of your book; photography and how to plan for the perfect photo and select the best pictures; and writing and coverage and how to model for your staff the best approaches to storytelling.


For beginning and experienced yearbook advisers

From year to year, the adviser is the constant in the room and sets the tone for the success of the publication. This session will offer advisers of all levels the opportunity to prepare themselves for the upcoming school year. We will provide hands on experiences in design, writing, and photography so that advisers feel prepared to work with any staffer that joins the staff. We will offer large group instruction on a variety of topics including staff structure and organization, workflow in eDesign and inDesign, student accountability and deadlines, handling coverage and the production cycle. 

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