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DATES: Friday-Saturday, July 9-10, 2021, 10am-2:30pm [PDT]

COST: $50 additional [$245 for camp and the retreat]

We know that leaders require mentoring and training, and this past year has made that challenging at best. To address the development of a strong leadership team, Yearbooks@theBeach offers this extra resource. Up to five editors and the staff adviser are invited to attend our first-ever Leadership Retreat. Attendees will receive a Leadership Handbook, plus tools to help them organize and structure the upcoming year.

  • Available ONLY to staffs attending the regular Yearbooks@theBeach workshop

  • Advisers must attend with their students

  • Click here to download the agenda.

Day 1: How to be a leader

Leadership Styles


Staff Roles


Staff leadership is critical to a successful yearbook staff. On Day 1, we'll learn about leadership styles and how to capitalize on all of the talents of your editors. From there, we'll define common "SMART" goals to focus on what will be important for the 2022 book and staff. To balance responsibilities among the leadership team, we'll look at what tasks make up the book production process and divide them to create job descriptions for each editor. Finally, we'll discuss best practices for communication with the staff: to give clear direction, to offer feedback on assignments and to be approachable.

Day 2: The business of yearbook


Ladder & Deadlines 


Book Production

Although the yearbook is a student-run publication, we have a responsibility to tell our school's story. On Day 2, we'll focus on the business aspects of creating a yearbook. As the historical record of the school year, we need strategies to cover every single student and every single group on campus. From a list of required coverage topics, we then build our ladder and deadlines. We'll look at ways to market the book and make our efforts visible on campus. And we'll visit the plant (virtually, of course) to understand how your pages are produced and printed.

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