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Registration is now closed. If you have registered, click on the icons below to download these files to help you prepare for camp.
COVID Protocol and Testing

In accordance with University policy, ALL attendees must be vaccinated and ALL attendees must come to camp with negative Antigen test results. You'll need to take a test the day of camp, take a timestamped photo of the results on your phone and bring the test with you to check in. Bring a couple of extra tests with you to camp, just in case.


If you are not vaccinated and are registered for camp, please call the workshop office.

Camp Poster

Want your own copy of the camp brochure (poster)? Download it here.

                Check in is at 1pm on Sat., July 30

                Directions to campus, where to park and check in.


                What to bring 

                Everything you need to have for class, for the dorm, for your staff to make the week productive.

                Camp Schedule

                  Saturday-Tuesday, July 30-August 2, 2022.


                  Answers to the most frequently asked questions about camp. If we don't answer them here, email us!

               Emergency Form

                 All students attending camp must fill out and return a signed emergency form (with parent signature).

                 We will also need a copy of your vaccination card. The emergency form has instructions for how to get this to us.

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