Theme Development: required of all attendees, along with "Meet with your Coach" sessions throughout the day.

Your main task at camp is to develop your theme into a strong package so that when school starts, you’re ready to roll. One session each day from 10-10:35 will help you on your way. We’ll watch these recorded sessions via YouTube together so you can ask the instructor questions as we go. Once we have watched the premiere together, you can come back to this page to view the session again and again (until Sept. 1). The session title is the LINK.

The biggest decisions you’ll make this year are the words you print on the cover, so make sure they excite, unify, and create opportunities to tell great stories. Your verbal tagline sets the tone for the rest of the book, so make sure they set you up to have a great year.

– Carrie Faust, Adviser, Smoky Hills HS

Your theme copy establishes two things: the voice of your book and the story you are going to tell. Study strong examples and learn key methods that will help you on your way to powerful theme copy.

– Justin Daigle, Adviser, Brighton HS

Theme should always start with the verbal, but the visual voice is just as important, needing to organically match that verbal voice in tone and flavor. Using type, texture, shape and color, this session will help you develop a contemporary visual voice for your book that matches your verbal branding.

– Pete LeBlanc, Adviser, Antelope HS

We can all agree that your 2021 yearbook – from planning to production to publication – is going to be different. There’s no way around it. But instead of seeing this as an obstacle, let’s see it as an opportunity. If a yearbook really is a history book that covers the events of the year, you’ll have to think outside of the box and find a way to organize and plan for a year like no other. This session will give you tips, tricks and ideas for doing just that.

– Erinn Harris, Adviser, Thos. Jefferson HSST

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