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Theme Development: required of all attendees, along with "Meet with your Coach" sessions throughout the day.

Your main task at camp is to develop your theme into a strong package so that when school starts, you’re ready to roll. One session each day from 10-10:35 will help you on your way. We’ll watch these recorded sessions via YouTube together so you can ask the instructor questions as we go. Once we have watched the premiere together, you can come back to this page to view the session again and again.

Your verbal tagline is more than just words on the cover. It is your school’s story for that year. As you start to finalize your words, think about your community and how your theme truly depicts their overall experiences.

– Justin Daigle, Adviser, Brighton HS

You’ve got your verbal figured out. You’ve got some great visual inspiration. What’s next? This session will not only show you how you can take your visual inspiration and use it to create a visual voice, but also how to use your cover to create a list of tools at your disposal. Once you have those tools, searching for even more inspiration is easy, and will allow you to create both visual variety and cohesiveness in your 2022 yearbook.

– Erinn Harris, Adviser, Thomas Jefferson HSST

From cover to opening to coverage and features throughout the book, a great theme establishes a singular voice, guiding and driving a staff’s storytelling. It all starts with stories — ones that are uniquely yours to tell, because your classmates and community are living them every day.

– Mike Simons, Adviser, Corning Painted Post HS

As designers, reporters and photographers on yearbook staff, we come together to tell all the stories. Without great coverage, there is no yearbook. Although we didn’t always love remote learning and crowdsourcing, COVID taught us a few things about stories that don’t involve the school calendar that we need to remember going forward. So, let’s take what we know and what we learned to make sure every student feels seen, heard and loved.

– Lindsay Safe, Adviser, Sunny Hills HS

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