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yes, this is a group of yearbook rockstars

Click on a photo to see their individual awards and accomplishments.
       385 years of experience

     yearbook awards
      53 NSPA Pacemaker Finalists (10 are named in 2023 with awards being announced in April)
      56 NSPA Pacemakers
      79 CSPA Silver Crowns 
      40 CSPA Gold Crowns

     adviser awards
      3 JEA Rising Stars
      9 JEA Special Recognition Advisers
      7 JEA Distinguished Advisers
      2 JEA Yearbook Advisers of the Year
      5 CSPA Gold Key Awards
      5 NSPA Pioneer Awards
      4 JEA Medals of Merit
      1 Dow Jones Journalism Teacher of the Year 
     (and numerous state and local awards as well!)

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